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Adam Green Last update: MAY 2005
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Adam Green

Adam Green was best known for his stint with the band The Moldy Peaches, but he has gain a new audience which like his sophistociated india-folk mix of music. Adam hit Chicago on May 5 and played at Schubas to support his new CD. I have watched all of Adams videos and listened to all of his music, and I enjoyed his sound intensily.

Before he hit the stage the crowd was seating on the floor of the club, just relaxing to the sounds of the 3 opening bands that night (Buddahead,Devin Davis and The Gnomes) before Adam.

The crowd was a nice mix of college students and working class young adults, who love good music. They really like Adam style of music. And they just and waited for Adam to come to the stage.

Like I said before, I enjoyed everything that Adam did and was expecting a folk singer with a edge to his music. What I got was something totally diffenet. A folk singer with a young kid look, not the intellent poetry I was expecting. He looked just too clean cut to give the music the edge I had heard.

His hair was short and he was dress like a very loud lounge singer. But to my surprise he still had the same sound that I have come to love. A mix of a young David Bowie and Depsche Mode. Once he hit the stage he drew the crowd in. They got off of the floor and came closer to the stage. And Adam got the crowd to interact to his music and to him with his great stage presence that he had. He not only knew how to get a audience to work with him and give them a show that they really enjoyed.

So if Adam Green comes to your town, go check him out because I am sure you will enjoy the show and will not be disappointed. Remember to ask him, if he will be singing Jessica?

Story by Dan Locke

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