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Bif Naked Last update: DECEMBER 2005
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INTERVIEW by Dan Locke
Bif NakedI had the pleaser to chat with Bif Naked ( Beth) before she begin her world wide tour from her New York hotel room. For those of you who don't know Bif Naked. It is a name you should learn.. She is very high energy performer and her drive will not stop. From first note to the last she rocks. During her short career (16 years) she toured with the Cult and Kid Rock. Bif Naked hosted her own tour covering 18 Canadian cities. As the only only girl performing on the main stage (other main stage acts included Green Day, Foo Fighters and Creed) of Edgefest in Canada. This is annual fest held every year.

UR: Hi Bif, how are you doing?
Bif: I am doing great the tour is about to start and I am excellent about it.

UR: It is because you haven't tour in a while.
Bif: No it because we get to tour with friends of ours from Vancouver Canada. And I am finally release my new co "Superbeautifulmonster". This has taken 3 years of my life and it was worth it

UR: So Bif you were borne in India?
Bif: My adopted mom and dad were American missionaries. And they moved around alot until they finally stopped in Canada. Which I was able to go to school and have a life.

UR: And how did you get into music? And how long have you been playing music.
Bif: 16 years. First I was involve with musical theater. I was asked to join the band Gorilla Gorilla, after the singer quit. I was their first female singer, and it was great. Other bands I have been in were Jungle Milk, Chrome Dog, and Dying to be Violent.

UR: What type of Music was it?
Bif: World Beat

UR: You did a small stint in 1999 with Lilith Fair. How was it?
Bif: Sarah was great. She is so nice.

UR: How is this tour going to go?
Bif: We are going to tour alot and hit all of those cities which I haven't ever been at before. Like Chicago (at the time of the interview Chicago was not on the list of cities) with my boys Default.

UR: Bif it was been nice talking to you. And I have one more question for you if you could open up for anyone who would it be?
Bif: I would like to open up for Gwen and No Doubt...

UR: Thank you again. I and hope to see you on stage with a couple of weeks.


Interview by Dan Locke

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