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Dionne Last update: MARCH 2005
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UnRated Movie ReviewBeautiful and gifted songwriter/singer Dionne Frank completed her solo Album, Dear Diary, through KANDi Entertainment and 50/50 Music Group Inc. scheduled to be released in stores on May 17, 2005. The album, chronicling the British-born singer's navigation through the challenging waters of life, contains a myriad of pop and R&B songs co-written and produced by some of the music industry's hottest talent.

"I decided to entitle my album Dear Diary, as I discuss my life's experiences on this album. I wanted to share myself with the world, and I feel that if I want to be a star, then I want to be a role model and present myself in a way that is helpful to listeners and upcoming artists."

Dionne's immense talent as a songwriter is evident throughout the majority of the album as she has written and co-written the majority of the album. As a result, this "Dear Diary" album truly reflects many of the issues faced and emotions felt by women in today's world.

Dionne has been busy rehearsing and preparing to delight music fans all over the country and can be seen performing on the Pantene Total You Tour.

Biography Taken from DionneMusic.com

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