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MC Lyte Last update: MARCH 2005
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MC LyteIn the beginning God Said, "let there be light" and there was Lyte. Birthing new ideas into hip hop culture through lycircal word play, imagery, and gender, MC Lyte reconstructed preconceived notions and became well established in the hip hop community as a pioneer and a legend. With over thirteen years behind her as a rapper, actor, activist, the internationally loved MC returns to the rap world with her seventh LP and her most highly anticipated album yeat, Da Underground Heat Vol 1, hosted by Jamie Foxx. Recnetly named the First Lady of hte Def Squad standing proudly with her brethren, Erick Sermon, Red Man and Keith Murray, MC Lyte is poised to bring her dynamic skills to a broader base of listeners.

The Brooklyn native first explored rapping at the age of 12. On the brink of her teeenage years she developed the interests and the will to verbally express herself to more than just family members and the neighborhood crews. As a segue to her success, MC Lyte released the hit single "I Cram to Understand U" which brought her initial recognition and created a massive buzz for her classic 1988 debut album Lyte As A Rock. Mesmerizing audiences with her signature sound and boss lady lyrics, Lyte drew even more fans to her corner with hit singles like "Cha Cha Cha" and Cappuccino" from her sophomore album "Eyes On This". The third album Act Like You Know unveiled her sultry-sass. MC Lyte released the rambunctious single "Ruff Neck" which earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Singel and with outstanding sales, mader her the first female MC to ever be certified gold. On 1996's Bas As I Wanna Be Lyte along with Missy Elliot dropped the club banger with "Cold Rock A Party," which dominated the airwaves.

Six years after her last full-length LP, MC Lyte has reintroduced herself to a whole new breed of hip hop fans with the release Lytro (2003). "Yes, the name Lytro was derived by and associated with the word hot, lyrical melting, volatile, expolosive, and ultimately an alias for the 2000's" says Lyte. Recorded at Jamie Foxx's Foxx Hole Studios, "Da Underground Heat Vol 1" is hosted and laced with a comedic intro and outro by the Oscor (2005 Movie: Ray) award winning actor and comedian. Foxx is also featured on "Where Home Is", singing alongside Lyte's raps. Taking you through a time tunnel of the stylized sound of vintage MC Lyte to present day music Mad Phunk is bringin a modern music sound to the album - FIRE is Creative Music Managements' production team, Madd Phunk! "It is always a treat when synchronicity happens with people you work with and that's what happenened with Madd Phunk! The chemistry brought us together and an entire album was produced from that very energy."

MC Lyte is no stranger in front of the camera, outside of the dozens of videos, she has made guest appearances on television shows such as The District, Moesha, In the House and Holly Robinson-Peete's For Your Love. More recently MC Lyte, born Lana Moorer, received critical acclaim for the rold of name of character, a what, what does this character do in film, in the independent feature film, Civil Brand.

And throughout her 13 years as an entertainer, MC Lyte has never forgotten to give back. She is an avid contributor and spokesperson for both Rock-The-Vote and Rap-The-Vote and faithful donor to serveral charities. "I feel it is my duty to give back to the community that supports what I do. God only blesses you to bless others."

"The Classic Returns/MC Lyte is "Lytro," Da Undergrond Heat Vol 1, hosted by Jamie Foxx sets the record straight for Hip-Hop and the world!

Biography Taken from MC-Lyte.com

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