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Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin 1 | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Led Zeppelin

By Paul Martinowski

Led Zeppelin 1 In the fall of 1968 a thrown together band embarked on a 30 hour recording session that would mold many genres of rock for years to come. The name of this band was "The New Yardbirds". The reason for the name was to fulfill concert obligations inherited by guitarist Jimmy Page. Joining him was a 19 year old vocalist named Robert Plant. Rounding out the group was what would become one of the greatest rhythm sections in rock history. John Paul Jones and John {Bonzo} Bonham. During these sessions the band was visited by "The Who's" drummer Keith Moon who quickly proclaimed that this group will go down like a lead Zeppelin. How wrong he was, "Led Zeppelin I". Just about set the standard for what a debut album should be. It has blues, folk, acoustic rock, and something called, "Heavy Metal". No band before or since has been able to successfully cover so many styles of rock. Supergroups came and went in the 60's but Led Zeppelin was here to stay and guide the 70's. There's not a bad track on the album so get out the headphones turn up the volume and ROCK ROCK ROCK!