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Greenwheel - Soma Holiday | UnRated Magazine Review:
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By Paul Martinowski

Soma Holiday A very strong debut by Greenwheel. A band for the new millennium. You can spot many influences by 1990’s bands such as Candlebox, Live and even U2. However, Ryan Jordan (vocals), Andrew Duviggurs (Guitars), Marc Wannigon (Guitar), Brandon Armstrong (Bass), and Douglas Randall (Drums) form their own sound. Featuring the track “Breathe” this album rocks! Other t4racks include “Shelter”, “Sustain You”, “Dim Halo” and this writers favorite “The End”.

There is some exceptional guitar work throughout this whole disc, with a definite force in vocalist Jordan. Check this album out. The rhythm section is very steady and well crafted. Kick back and enjoy a “Soma Holiday”