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Willie Nelson - You Don't Know Me: Songs of Cindy Walker | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Willie Nelson

By Dan Hansen

You Don't Know Me: Songs of Cindy Walker

WOW! Willie still has it. It is great... usually I get a CD and there are only one or two songs but this was good all the way through. This album reached me on multiple levels. I have three obsessions in life 1) screenwriting/writing, 2) brewing beer and 3) music, especially country and this collection of tunes touched them all. When I saw the cover of the CD jacket which shows an old Royal typewriter it reminded me of the one we had at home that my aunt, who worked for Royal at the time, built for my mom, which is still lying around and brings me inspiration to write. What was even cooler is the first song on it, "Bubbles in My Beer," which just so happens to be a recurring theme of a script I'm working on and I blasted it as I was brewing a "Nut Brown Ale" this morning. As I approach 45 at the end of month and my age becomes a detriment as the eyesight goes along with the memory and my boss is half my age I was grateful to hear "Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age" because one day all this stuff I have in my cranium will pay off.

As a fan of country music this really was funny because the first concert I ever won tickets to was a Willie Nelson Concert back in the 80's which bring me back full circle because this is actually my first CD review, I normally do movies (click on the Movies link if your interested). Not only that but it is the essence of Country Music with a little flavor of Blue Grass. The whole CD was a treat on the ears with crying guitars, campfire harmonica, flaring fiddles and there definitely was some toe tapping goin' on. Keep 'em comin' Willie.

Track List:

  1. Bubbles In My Beer
  2. Not That I Care
  3. Take Me In Your Arms
  4. Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age
  5. You Don't Know Me
  6. Sugar Moon
  7. I Don't Care
  8. Cherokee Maiden
  9. The Warm Red Wine
  10. Miss Molly
  11. Dusty Skies
  12. It's All Your Fault
  13. Just Walkin' Out The Door