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Trixy Doll - Hugz N Stitches | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Trixy Doll

By Anthony Camastro

Hugz N Stitches

Trixy Doll is back with her new release Hugz N Stitches. Don't know who Trixy is? You will, because this nightmare doesn't end. This isn't your Hollywood PG-13 horror movie. This is your 666 even Freddy's running for the hills horror. From the first track Trixmare you'll know something isn't right. Maybe it's the backwards talking. Maybe it's the sweet voice, singing, drawing you in like a siren's song. Or maybe it's because you're in Trixy Doll's world now. There is no escape for fifteen tracks of nightmarish images and raw emotions. A combination of rap, hip hop, and trip hop this CD is like a razor blade being dragged across your throat. Dollhouse On Elm Street will have you getting buck along with Trixy. Who Am I? is a track with a great drum based loop that features fellow rapper Skunk. R.I.P *Remorse, Infuriation, and Pity*is a song that goes out to anyone who has ever lost a friend either to the grim reaper or by parting ways. Hugz N Stitches is currently on sale on Trixy Doll's web site www.trixydoll.com. You could also visit Trixy on Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/thatoybox I highly encourage everyone to give Trixy Doll a listen rap fan or not. And if you don't she'll come after you in your nightmares.