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By Shayna Shaffer

Christ Illusion Upon listening to Slayer's new album just released this August, I was immediately taken back to the days of some of their original albums such as South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss, and Hell Awaits. Slayer is back with their original members: Tom Araya - vocals, Jeff Hanneman - guitars, Kerry King - guitars, and Dave Lombardo - drums. Their new album Christ Illusion sounds as if they were never apart since releasing their double disc live Decade of Aggression album. Christ Illusion features solid guitar thrashing, and drum pounding fury with Tom's vocals ringing through clearly as if they just formed the band yesterday instead of over 20 years ago. Some of my favored songs on this album are "Flesh Storm", "Skeleton Christ", "Black Serenade", "Jihad" and "Cult." This album may not be as heavy as Slayer's first album released in 1983, Show No Mercy, known as their heaviest album released, but it definitely has the solid thrash, head pounding metal fury sound Slayer is known for. Christ Illusion also happens to currently be the number 5 album sold on the billboard charts, representing that metal has by far not disappeared, and is in fact fully alive and still favored by many. Considering their songs are never played on the radio, this is quite impressive for a band that may be considered world wide as the metal kings of the metal world. This is also quite impressive for a band that has not released an album since the September 11, 2001 release of God Hates Us All. The message Christ Illusion seems to be delivering is a typical Slayer message; that god is not real, and in the song 'Skeleton Christ' there is even a line Tom belts out stating, "I laugh at the abortion known as Christianity." This album also has some political references to the current war in the Middle East, and "Consfearacy" is brilliantly written with a clear message of poor government leadership that we currently are all under. Slayer has recently just finished their American tour for Christ Illusion, and will be touring Europe in October. Hail to metal's most famous Satan worshippers for another brilliantly written album, Christ Illusion is an album all Slayer fans must own.