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Mick Jagger - The Very Best of Mick Jagger | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Mick Jagger

By Trent McMartin

The Very Best of Mick Jagger

To those fans out there wondering if Mick Jagger even released enough solo material to warrant a greatest hits album? The answer is “kinda”. Not surprisingly, most of the material off The Very Best of Mick Jagger is harvested from his four - rather lackluster - solo albums. These include the Lenny Kravitz collaborative effort “God Gave Me Everything”; the funky “Sweet Thing” from 1993's Wandering Spirit ; the dated eighties cover of “Dancing in the Streets” and the countryish finale: “Evening Gown.” After a few listens, it quickly becomes apparent that Jagger is running on fumes trying to fill an entire album of his “best”solo work. Which is why he's forced to include a few rarites: the characteristically dark “Old Habits Die Hard” from the Alfie soundtrack; the Spirit's cast off “Charmed Life”; 1970's “Memo From Turner,” originally released on the Performance film soundtrack; and the John Lennon-produced soul diddy “Too Many Cooks,” featuring ex-Cream bassist Jack Bruce and Lennon party pal, singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson on backing vocals. Possibly Jagger wanted to pay back his old rival for including him in the recording session for “All You Need is Love” a few years prior, or perhaps Lennon was hellbent on further distancing himself from the Beatles and used this opportunity as a way to expand his musical repertoire. Either way, “Too Many Cooks” adds little enticement, except maybe to those curious in nature, and otherwise is nothing more than another example of Mick Jagger's erratic, often listless, solo indulgences.