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Count The Stars - Never Be Taken Alive | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Count The Stars

By Paul Martinowski

Never Be Taken Alive The first time I heard "Never be Taken Alive" by Count The Stars, I had only one thought: “Where did I put that pack of Bubble Yum I had just purchased?” At first, I thought I might be listening to Billy Joel fronting Blink 182. However, on my second listen I realized that these guys are good--really good. This is more than radio-friendly fluff. The band can play, and they play well. Led by Chris Kasarjian (Vocals and Guitars) and Adam Manning (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals), this band has all the catchy riffs and hooks you'd expect. The rhythm section of Clarke Foley (Bass) and David Shapiro (Drums) provides a solid and tight compliment to the rest of the band. All the songs are worthy of airplay. No kidding. Chris Kasarjian has the potential to be one of the leading singer/songwriters for his generation. Why not? Lesser talent has had much more success. His angst-ridden lyrics should hit home with any young romantic. This guy likes himself without being vain. The album will be available Feb.23, 2003, so check it out!!