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The Euphoric

By Melanie Falina


At this very moment, The Euphoric is a Chicago-hometown hero – but that status is bound to evolve to a more global ranking at any time now.

Music lovers may have actually already heard their tunes featured on XM Satellite radio as their debut release, Transcend , has been burning up airwaves as far away as Germany , and commanding respect with its 11-song collection of rock and roll vigor.

Transcend 's production is crisp and heady, with controlled choreography of the big sounds that come from the drums, guitar, and vocals all at the same time without any one running into or over the others.

Kicking off the disc is the song "Killing Me," a flashy, passionate rocker with larger-than-life vocals and Dezzy Ray Locke's guitar parts which are both dominant and melodic.

Followed by "This is a Conflict" - appropriately coinciding with the title this rocker is heavy and combative, the type a song that might get you a speeding ticket if you're grooving to it in your car.

"Everything Fades" – a hypnotic tune, but one that doesn't wimp out on attitude what-so-ever. The Jason's vocals are emphatic and enhanced by Jay Mishur's solid rhythm s on the drums.

The brightest of these shining stars on Transcend is the tune "Chosen." With background harmonies accentuating a wide range of lead vocal dexterity – and all wafting about on a subtle but vigorous musical arrangement. "Chosen" is emotion with a rhythm section, human ardor bleeding out of an amp.

"Betrayed" begins with a catchy pulsation and continues with a 'don't mess with me' heartbroken-misogyny feel throughout.

And "Sorry," – another song that's a little jaded in its nature, but this toe-tapper will implant itself into your brain with its addictive chorus and tough guitar solo.

Other songs include "Addiction Girl," "Brave New Machine," the bombastic rocker "Dead and Gone," and "Generations in Ruins."

Wrapping up Transcend is "Not Alone," a red-blooded anthem that highlights Mishur's savage flair on the drums.

Augmenting The Euphoric family for their live shows and c ombining forces with Dezzy Ray Locke and Jay Mishur is Trey Giudici on bass, and taking over the mic is the singer simply known as Wicki. The Euphoric is a powerhouse of musicians who are guaranteed to blow you away.

The Euphoric will be performing at The Rave in Milwaukee with Alter Bridge on November 17th, 2007.