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Zwan - Mary Star of the Sea | UnRated Magazine Review:
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By Paul Martinowski

Mary Star of the Sea Zwan debuted their new album "Mary Star of the Sea" before an invitation only crowd of 300 at Chicago's southside museum. With a back drop of a bi-plane and jet the band perforemed the new material with a passion not seen since the days of "Gish".

Armed with a new arsenal of guitars ( Dave Palo and Matt Sweeney) driving bass(Paz) and returning thunder( Jimmy Chamberlin) the possibilities are endless for Chicago's newest assualt on the rock world.

Obviusly the band enjoys themselves. Asked about his former group compared to Zwan, Jimmy said, "Zwan is a labor of love, the Pumpkins were just labor". You can feel the new spirit in the music.

Welcome back Billy.

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