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Benzino - Redemption | UnRated Magazine Review:
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By Mozelle Ellis

Redemption Boston Rap/Hip-Hop artist Benzino strikes again with his newly released album Redemption. He invites you to roll with a Big Baller. With the debut single "Rock The Party - Remix" featuring Mario Winans, Lil’ Kim and Petey Pablo. His Journey takes you from the party scene to the street life of a Gangsta . You feel this in the track "Neva Shuvin" featuring Wyclef and M3.

Benzino is said to be controversial artist. But sometimes hearing the truth makes people uncomfortable. Especially when it doesn’t fit into mainstream commercial beliefs of life. But Benzino stays true to the game. I found many songs on this CD worthy of recognition like "Gangsta Touch, X-tra Hot, Would You, Get It On , Redemption Rosary, and 44 Call Killa".

True Hustlers in the game and those that have retired will feel where Benzino is coming from with Redemption. They will ride straight the fuck out on this album.

Benzino lines up a strong cameo of artist’s Jadakiss, Mario Winans, Lisa Raye, Wyclef, M3, Caddillac Tah, Black Child, Fatal Hussein, Kid Javi, Daz Dillinge, Jewel, Lil'Kim, Petey Pablo, and Young Heff’s remix of "Rock The Party".