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By Trent McMartin

Polydream Rigid Shard of Balance:1

The good news: having producer Britton Rice join Polydream; his expertise in the studio and killer drumming were a few of the highlights found on the band's debut EP. Now the bad news: the distraught Default-like rock ballad 'Everything Else Comes to Life,' may be the only single of the bunch, and it undoubtedly sounds like anything on Default's last album or from other such purveyors of humdrum rock (Nickelback perhaps?)

Unfortunately, the rest of the songs don't emerge from the stifling influences that hamper them either, although the electronic remix of 'Catch Me If You Can,' provides a brief refuge from the mediocrity of the record. It's as if the band literally listened to Top 40 rock radio for a week straight, and around the time they heard 3 Doors Down for the thirty-seventh time, they sat down and wrote some songs. A tad harsh maybe, but Polydream does have skills and potential, which makes it even more frustrating they decided to go this route.