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Sue Jin - Worth The Tears | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Sue Jin

By Melanie Falina

Worth The Tears

Although an anthropology major in college, Los Angeles nightingale Sue Jin decided instead to spread her wings in the world of music. And the result of which, Jin's six-song EP entitled Worth The Tears proves to be well worth the listen.

Recorded at Kiyoshi Graves Studio in L.A., singer/songwriter Graves co-produced Worth The Tears with Jin, and backed Jin with his guitar know-how as well.

Sue Jin opens up the disc with "We Could Be," a smoky and soulful tune meant to be crooned such as this rather than simply sung. Jin powerful pipes tug at your emotions while Graves' guitar solo wails with a strength all its own.

Followed by "Your Own Angel" – an up-beat song which almost hints at a slight gospel sound. Then title cut "Worth The Tears," as the name suggests, is a delicate ballad which Jin weaves tenderly - almost giving this song the feel of a lullaby.

"Find Me Now" - a hypnotic and gentle melody accompanying Jin's sweet serenade. And "Not Enough" is a bit more on the poppy side, but Jin's singing is as robust as ever.

Wrapping up the disc the angelic sounding "If I Could Change." An aurally stunning tune where Sue Jin is backed by a simple piano melody, and she wails as only a true songstress can.

In as few as six songs, Jin demonstrates versatility and talent which make her a force to be reckoned with. The first listen to Worth The Tears will captivate the senses, and leave one aching for whatever is next to come from Sue Jin.