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The Organ

By UnRated Magazine

Grab The Gun

I like music you could slash your wrists to, so that's why when I heard The Organ's Grab that Gun, I immediately proclaimed it as one of my favorite records of 2004. Lead singer Kelly Sketch has a voice that would make Morrissey cry and with lyrics like “I died a sudden death, I made an awful mess, I didn't stand a chance,” you immediately knew this wasn't something for the very young and impressionable. They reminded me of those depressing 80's groups like Joy Division, The Cure and The Smiths. But what was really cool about this band was that it was an all female line-up, further demonstrating that men alone do not have sole ownership over gloom and misery. Sadly, I heard they broke up recently.

Favorite Cuts: “Brother,” “Love, Love, Love,” “ I Am Not Surprised,” and the cheerful pair “A Sudden Death” and “No One Has Ever Looked So Dead.

Bad Apple: The untitled organ solo.