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Peter Gabriel - Up | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Peter Gabriel

By Doug Loge

Up Peter Gabriel's first original material album in quite a few years. UP is kind of a depressing album. Not in a Robert Smith/Cure Late 80's Disintegration album kind of way, but its general mood tends to be depressing. Maybe a better word to describe the album instead of depressing is self-reflective. The album includes songs titled; Darkness, Growing up, Sky Blue, No Way Out, I Grieve, The Barry Williams Show, My Head Sounds Like That, More Than This, Signal to Noise, and The Drop. There one crappy song on this album is the song called The Barry Williams Show. It's a takeoff on the Jerry Springer type shows on TV. It's very pop sounding, kind of like the song Sledgehammer on the album So. Maybe Gabriel included it to get radio play, I don't know. The stronger songs include; "No Way Out" with its infectious bass line, and the wake up and take no more crap song "More Than This". Gabriel even brings in his Middle Eastern influences on the song Signal to Noise. The verdict?……….it's a keeper. If you like Peter Gabriel, you should like this album.