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Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Tori Amos

By Doug Loge

Scarlet's Walk I keep waiting for another Little Earthquakes, or maybe even an Under the Pink type Tori Amos album, but to no avail. Amos' previous album, Strange Little Girls, was a pretty interesting cover album including her rendition of Slayer's song Raining Blood. Amos' new album Scarlet's Walk is a long album that's for sure, eighteen songs making up over an hour of music. Unfortunately, almost every song sounds exactly the same. The songs seem to all to meld into one another, and not in a good way like Pink Floyd's Dark of the Moon. If you like Amos' albums after Under the Pink, you might just like Scarlet's Walk, but for me, I can just hope and wait just like a little puppy dog. Maybe it's me who changed, maybe its Amos who has. She is still a babe though, but I wouldn't want her for an ex-girlfriend.