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Dixie Chicks

By UnRated Magazine

Home The latest offering from the Dixie Chicks moves away from the traditional country style, such as Lorretta Lynne's "Stand By Your Man". The award winning "Home" carries over the rich picking styles of the Chicks' first two albums. "Home" sold about 1.5 million copies in the first few weeks, which is not surprising given the angelic bluegrass harmony.

Their first co-produced album with Lloyd Maines, Natalie's father, Opens with the high-spirited "Long Time Gone". The Chicks' trademark bluegrass tempo is apparent from the start. It is a clear consolidation of the artistic creativity ventured in their previous albums, plus more.

Natalie's rendition of "Landslide" and "Travelin Soldier" is a nice change of pace with the added country enhancements that integrates well with the familiar chords.

Their upbeat bluegrass style comes through strong in "White Trash Wedding". This accent also prevails in their co-written song "Tortured Tangled Heart".

Moving to one of the more melancholy cuts . . . Emmylou Harris, the Only guest vocalist on the album provides outstanding harmony support on "Godspeed", a song truly written from the heart.

In reviewing this CD amidst recent headlines, it may be appropriate to consider the responsibilities, if any, that an artist has to their listeners and to the public in general. And, specifically how those responsibilities relate to present-day, political situations we face as Americans. We believe that freedom allows us all to have political opinions and perhaps Natalie just used the wrong venue to express her views. Having said that, the Dixie Chicks rock; they make great music. Who gives a shit about her politics - we're not voting her into office.

Review by Brenna Joyce