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By Phylana Blackmon

The Washdown What makes a band name one of their songs Caligula? If you want to know you should check out The Washdowns self-titled debut album for Lookout Records their sound has been compared to the Hives and the Strokes but that is because most don't know what to call it. Siteing influences like vaudvillianesque folk, Sonic Youth and the Pixies it no wonder there is some element of query. With an EP of six songs Lookout must have been impressed. When I asked bassists Bryan Bates "Why only six?" his response was "The EP actually was something we did, it was a demo we did of earlier recordings about a year and a half ago and Lookout agreed to put out the demo just as is. We didn't... basically we did it in a home studio well in a friend of ours studio in Tampa...so we were happy with that. It was just a good arrangement where they wanted to put out the demo and we wanted to release it with them...so they approached us about it, it was a good thing."

Even though most would call them punk they say "Were just rock. Ya I mean really what it boils down to is when we started this band a couple of years ago we didn't have any preconceived notations about anything we just wanted to...put less thought and more spontaneity into our writing in general and [let] whatever happen, happen you know. Just you know get four or five guys in a warehouse, you start playing this they start playing that and that's just what happens and those were the songs that came out."

What makes them name a song Caligula? It could it be grandiose desires caused by being stuck in the warehouse? Or listing drinking and singing karaoke with Sahara Hot nights and Ikaraha Colts as their on tour past time? Maybe it is a good description of their new business endeavors they are in bed with several notable partners being represented by the PR firm Big Hassle who count Dave Matthews Band and Particle among their clients. According to lead singer Heath Dupras the titles "are just made up." Either way it is all coming together well and as Bryan and Martha Stewart say "It's a good thing"

They are currently on tour with Ikaraha Colts, and Sahara Hotnights, opening for Rocket from the Crypt.

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