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Ikara Colts

By Phylana Blackmon

Chat & Business Name one of the hottest bands coming from London and you would have to credit Ikara Colts. Currently on tour with Rocket from the Crypt supporting their Epitaph Records release "Chat and Business".

They showcase electric rhythms, and a percussion section personified through Dominic Young that is not to be trifled with. Influenced by numerous predecessors from Jazz great Art Blakey to the steady rock of Dave Grohl. The work could be enough to send other drummers who have run from those artists like superman from kryptonite, back to the drawing board. Ikara Colts pull no punches and stand on the music instead of gimmicks. Straightforward and experimental it is an impressive and successful mix. The sound is bit like Blur blended with White Stripes with some Sonic Youth. The influence is very evident in songs like. Lead singer Paul Resende lyrics may only make sense to those who know the story behind them and they are not talking. It doesn't really matter though you'll more then likely get lost in the addictive rhythms created by guitarist Claire Ingram and Jon Ball on bass. If you want unabashed rock that derived from artists that have studied the craft, digested and interpreted it in their own way pick up a copy of Chat and Business.

Catch them on tour with Rocket from the Crypt and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's on their First US tour.

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