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Coal Chamber - Dark Days | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Coal Chamber

By Ellen B Gold

Dark Days Artist Coal Chamber
Album Dark Days

Musicians :

  • B. Dez Fafara – vocals
  • Miguel Rascon - guitar, backing vocals
  • Rayna Foss Rose – bass
  • Mike Cox – drums
Produced By Ross Hogarth
Mixed By Ross Hogarth, Mark Kiczula
Engineered By Ross Hogarth, Jeremy Blair
Mastered By Ted Jensen
Recorded At Rumbo Recording Studios, Canoga Park, CA.

Track Listing

  • 1). Fiend
  • 2). Glow
  • 3). Watershed
  • 4). Something Told Me
  • 5). Dark Days
  • 6). Alienate Me
  • 7). One Step
  • 8). Friend?
  • 9). Rowboat
  • 10).Drove
  • 11). Empty Jar
  • 12). Beckoned
Record Label Roadrunner Records

The Opinion

When you hear "Dark Days" your mind does not automatically think flowers and sunshine. Coal Chamber's new CD, "Dark Days" matches equally with the heavy, darkness of vocalist Dez Fafara. With heavy guitar riffs, funky basslines and solid slamming on the drums, Coal Chamber is clearly proving they can grab the audience's attention.

Gloomy, strong sounds, combined with feelings of rage and aggression develop a unique style that Coal Chamber dominates. The lyrics are not only filled with animosity, but also frantic emotions that play with the mind. The intense lyrics from "Friend?" states that friendships are not always worthwhile. With the evil growls that haunt the friendship, the song is filled with raw madness.

"Dark Days" not only separates Heaven and Hell, but also darkens shadows that continually develop throughout the entire CD. Reflecting off of their music, Coal Chamber has a mysterious, creative appearance that leaves their fans connecting anxiously. With high intensity, screams echo over the powerful music, leaving a heart-wrenching, mind-aching, soul-twisting reality that can be recognized and shared.

Nutshell Review
A powerful, veering album with dark forceful sounds