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Ion Vein - Reigning Memories | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Ion Vein

By Adam Bielawski

Reigning Memories Ion Vein are considered the new breed of progressive metal, I say they are perfectionist in their music. Outputting power vocals and instrumentals. Bringing back classic sounds of such masters as Queensryche, Metal Church and power precision of Dream Theater.

Ion Veins articulate the music that they pump out with hard and heavy sound. Reigning Memories contains 12 tracks and you can sample MP3's at

Ion Vein's new release can be picked up at Ion Vein's Official Web Site

Track Listing
1 ..... Awakening
2 ..... Another Life
3 ..... Spiral Maze
4 ..... The Power of You
5 ..... Faith and Majesty
6 ..... Edge of Forever
7 ..... Twilight Garden
8 ..... Reigning Memories

Adrian's Ladder Trilogy
9 ..... part I - From Inside the Mirror
10 ..... part II - Timeless
11 ..... part III - Everytime
12 ..... The Future is Now