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By Jerry Parsley

Recreation Day The vast majority of today's successful Progressive/Power Metal bands are recognized for their exceptional song writing ability, outstanding vocal quality and superb musicianship. Many of heavy music's most accomplished musicians execute their expertise in the Progressive/Power Metal genre. But at times unfortunately, some Prog/Power Metal musicians seem to get so indulged in their instrumentation, that they sometimes forget to ROCK! Such is NOT the case however with Swedish Progressive/Power Metal Giants, EVERGREY. These Heavy Metal Warriors have always provided the power and aggression demanded by the world's Metal community and the band's forth release entitled, "Recreation Day", is no exception. Having toured the world for several years now, EVERGREY has created and developed a unique and powerful sound that truly distinguishes themselves from other Progressive/Power Metal bands.

"Recreation Day" opens with an intensive Progressive Metal assault called "The Great Deceiver." Guitarist Henrik Danhage leads the attack with some magnificent shredding which takes the listener on a roller coaster ride up and down Metal's progressive musical scales. The absolutely brilliant vocal expertise of guitarist Tom S. Englund is immediately apparent during this track and his unmistakable voice continues to amaze throughout "Recreation Day." His highly emotional and aggressive vocal style is highlighted on titles such as, "End Of Your Days" and "As I Lie Here Bleeding." The title track, "Recreation Day", is a powerful Progressive Metal anthem that clearly demonstrates the immense diversity within the band. The song opens hard and heavy with plenty of bone-crushing, fast as lightning guitar riffs, then gives way to the exceptional keyboard work of Rikard Zander. "Visions" mercilessly hammers at your ears one moment, and then suddenly softens the blow with remarkably beautiful melody the next. "I'm Sorry" is a heart wrenching song that gives Mr. Englund another wonderful opportunity to display his incredible, multi-dimensional voice. This song is actually a cover tune from a Swedish artist named DILBA. And, it also happens to be one of the most played songs ever, in the history of Swedish radio.

Veteran bass guitar player Michael Hakansson and drummer extraordinaire Patrick Carlsson, unleashed a ruthlessly monumental rhythm section for the recording of "Recreation Day" and especially on the track, "Blinded." "Fragments" is another marvelous Progressive/Power Metal hymn that is loaded with timing and rhythm changes and fits perfectly in front of the acoustic gem, "Madness Caught Another Victim." "Your Darkest Hour" is up next and pummels away with reckless Progressive Metal abandon as passionate female vocals mesmerize in the background. "Recreation Day" concludes in "classic" EVERGREY fashion as the band rages through "Unforgivable Sin", a song which deals with the problems of child abuse within the Catholic Church. It's a gut-wrenching song (and subject) with an extremely powerful message.

Without question, "Recreation Day" contains some of the most beautiful melodies you may ever hear. But don't be fooled. These Swedish Metal Soldiers possess the power and confidence to deliver an ultra Heavy Metal onslaught whenever they deem necessary. And with "Recreation Day", EVERGREY confirms why they are considered by many, as one of the elite Progressive/Power Metal bands in today's world of Heavy Metal.

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