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Twisted Method - Escape From Cape Coma | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Twisted Method

By Bill J Schupp

Escape From Cape Coma Thirteen tracks of pounding metal with a punk edge make up Twisted Method's Escape From Cape Coma. Derrick "Tripp" Tribbet's vocals, Ben Goins' drums, Andy Howard's guitar, and Derek DeSantis' bass combine to make up one powerful CD. Fresh from an Ozzfest Tour and subsequent tour with Static X, this band is one to keep on your radar screen. Escape from Cape Coma presents a fantastic blend of hardcore head banging and smooth brilliance. Each track has it's own mesmerizing flavor and the entire CD is worth listening to over and over.

The CD kicks off with The End, Fled and Reach Out. These pulsing, thunderous tracks give way to a deeper side and thought provoking lyrics in Change Me. Hardcore edge gives way to intricate, almost haunting lyrics. The alternating currents between each track and within each track are what make this CD most worthwhile. The banging songs like Inside Out, Panic, and Rot give way to imaginative lyrics and a rap or two in songs like Shine and 125. The virtuosity in this CD is amazing, and the band shows a remarkable talent for projecting significant insight without sacrificing underlying raw emotion.


  1. The End Listen Listen
  2. Fled Listen Listen
  3. Reach Listen Listen
  4. Change Me Listen Listen
  5. Inside Out Listen Listen
  6. Mmannequin
  7. Awkward Silence
  8. Panic
  9. Shine
  10. Rot
  11. 125
  12. Newborn
  13. Faceless

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