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Rock City Morgue

By Bryan Schillo

Some Ghouls The Rock City Morgue reeks. It reeks of the sweet smell of success. Not a lot of people know what happened to Sean Yseult of White Zombie after Rob jumped in his Dragula and launched his solo career. Fans surely remember Sean's curled, neon-yellow locks and her coffin-shaped four-stringer. Aside from being involved with her now-defunct Famous Monsters project, she's currently one of the quintet that is the Rock City Morgue. Hailing from New Orleans, their music is part punk and all-out rock. Vocalist Rik Slave, (The Phantoms, Manscouts of America) sports more of a contemporary vocal spatter, but it still has enough attitude to scare corporate America. Musically speaking, this EP is top-notch, The Morgue are no amateurs. "Cut You Loose,"smokes midway through with a great guitar solo, (as do most of the other songs) proving that it's still cool to have flying fretboard fingers in the 21st century. "Falling Apart," is a slower, deeper groove where Slave really has a chance to shine. Also, they cover "Shattered," by the Rolling Stones, a fitting number for the band. The EP cover is even parody of the Stones' Some Girls. After listening to this album once, your index finger will develop a magnetic pull towards the "play" button on your stereo. Rock hasn't sounded this good in awhile, and it's time for it to get a swift boot in the ass. The Morgue is just the band to do it.

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