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By Bryan Schillo

Mower Before you assume that Mower is a rap/hip-hop outfit, simply because their label is Suburban Noize Records, stop and think again. Remember, Sub Noize founders, Kottonmouth Kings, can surely appreciate some good ol' fashioned in-your-face rock. Mower is testament to that statement. They've injected their instruments with adrenaline and get an inch away from your sweaty face with dual, high and low-end vocalists, Brian Sheerin and Dominic Moscatello, who side-by-side blast away at your eardrums. The two-vocalist technique has been employed by a lot of bands in contemporary music, however, few are able to pull it off worthwhile. Mower is one of the exceptions, and they do it quite well, thank you. Driven by a relentless hardcore sound that is more bone-crunching than jaw dropping, it's a nonstop circle-pit inside your speakers. The album is a quick listen, fierce and frantic, clocking in at just over a half-hour, but well worth your time and money. Stomp along with track 5, "Pieces," or raise your fist to the anthem, "In Memory." The simple fact is, Mower knows how to write a good song. From the first track, they get into a groove and stay there; no funky time changes and no sappy stuff, this is genuine, pure energy. Mower has stirred up quite a name for themselves in their native San Diego, California. They shouldn't have much trouble getting in gear with the rest of the country, they've got a momentum which will surely steamroll them into the success they deserve.

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