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Saint Dog

By Bryan Schillo

Guetto Guide The wait is over. Saint Dog is back friends, bumping 18 new tracks that'll be sure to make those 40's sitting on your speakers spill over. It's been a few years since he and his brother Big Hoss released their U.S.A. record, and even longer since he was heard as an artist on Suburban Noize. That was then, but this is now. There's much flavor on Ghetto Guide, everything from hip hop rhymes to a sprinkle of youthful, punk spirit. Never stale, Saint likes to keep his style fresh and diverse. However, hands down the most compelling trait of Saint's music is his vocal style; he's got intelligent, free-flowing rhymes with so much edge you could sharpen a knife on his tongue, and a clout that reverberates in his words as he speaks them. If there was anyone born to do the style he brings, it's him. It's good that Saint and Hoss have the Sub Noize platform to deliver their music to the masses. Check out any song, the rhymes zig and zag through the beats, defining an undeniable rhythm. Saint reps much So-Cal love in his songs, in fact, you'd wish you were somewhere there too, not even caring if the sun was blazing down on you at 100-plus degrees. Even former NBA player Kurt Rambis gets a nod in the lyrics of the title track. But his words go much deeper than that, "Fuck Five-O" is one the album's strongest tunes, also be sure to check out "Crime 2 Rhyme," "Breaking the Glass" and "Fight." Lending a helping hand on the record are Daddy X, Mellow Man Ace and the Ripperside Kids, among others. So put on the record, kick back with your crew or kick it with that special someone, Saint, Hoss & Co. have you covered in every situation.