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Gotham Road

By Bryan Schillo

Seasons of the Witch Just because singer, Michale Graves, is a fan of comic book superheroes such as Spider-Man and Wolverine, don't think for a second that Gotham Road has anything to do with Batman or the city with the same name. Gotham Road does, however, have everything to do with four musicians creating some of the best, cutting-edge, hard rock music today. Graves, of course, is no stranger to the music world. He helped rejuvenate the Misfits in the mid-to-late 1990's, and afterwards spent a short time involved in his Graves project. When that came to an end, he wasted no time assembling Gotham Road. Guitarist, Loki, bassist, JV Bastard and drummer Paul Lifeless, who all bring respective experience, complete the project full circle. Those foolish few who think Graves is riding the coattails of his time with the Misfits and is only rehashing songs of ghosts and goblins are sadly mistaken! Not only has Graves developed his voice and range to near-perfection, he now has the musical freedom he desired back when he was confined to the "horror-punk" style he had to wear with his Misfits devilock. He has broadened his writing style, elevating it to a unique brand of brilliant simplicity a'- la Kurt Cobain or Jim Morrison. Yet, he hasn't lost a bit of his edge. Gotham Road's music crushes like a 200 - ton bulldozer smashing your house, blending a fine mixture of the tough grooves of Life of Agony, the scrappiness of Nirvana, and even technical riffs reminiscent of old Metallica. "Creo Burn," is a straight ahead bum rush where Loki crunches all the right chords while the rhythm section rattles your bones. "Say Something" is a haunting, slow jam in remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy that cascades with a wailing guitar solo finale'. Altogether, there are seven songs on the disc, each constructed strongly enough to stand on its own and not be disregarded as filler. Even the production is top-notch. Gotham Road has been a "do-it-yourself" band from the start. All their merchandising, recording and touring is done by themselves with zero support from a label thus far. Looking for a band of the future? Try the real alternative - Gotham Road.

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