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Skinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right | UnRated Magazine Review:
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Skinny Puppy

By Bryan Schillo

The Greater Wrong of the Right It doesn't matter if you're into dance, trance, industrial, heavy metal, hard rock or even punk - chances are that if you know anything about underground music you own a Skinny Puppy CD. Skinny Puppy has always been an anomaly, keeping one, beat-up combat boot firmly planted in the underground scene, and the other on the mainstream sidewalk. Never exploding on MTV or radio waves, Skinny Puppy's longevity and subterranean legacy has branded them a household name, inspiring a plethora of artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Hocico, or Lords of Acid, to touch the tip of the iceberg. After almost a decade, Skinny Puppy has returned with The Greater Wrong of the Right. Ogre and cEvin Key teamed with Mark Walk to produce the record. Also, Wayne Static of Static-X and Tool's Danny Carey contribute their respective talents to the track, "Use Less." However, no doubt, there will be nostalgic fans that will slag the album because it's not Mind: the Perpetual Intercourse, nor is it Rabies or Too Dark Park. But, fear not evolution, or you're left with artists such as loin-cloth wearing, "we never change," metal band, Manowar. The Greater Wrong of the Right is 21st century Skinny Puppy, and this album is exactly as it should be, electronically diverse yet simple and definitive. It builds on the bands previous works, incorporating elements from prior records while undoubtedly moving forward. For example, the first two tracks, "I'mmortal" and "Pro-test" are reminiscent of the ohGr project, but aside from that, the rest of the album treads down the path that has made the band as unforgettable as they are. In the end, The Greater Wrong of the Right is another notch of brilliance on an untouchable career.