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By Adam Bielawski

Crucible Rob Halford the former front man of Heavy Metal gods "Judas Priest" is still rolling solo and is a driving force in the Metal Community. Recently paying a quick listen to the upcoming release of Halford's "Crucible" its pure Rob Halford! Still remembering the days of Fight when Rob Halford went solo crushing all metal acts that stood in the way in the early 1990's. "Crucible" is the latest great heavy metal album that will bring out the leather and just thrash your head. Supporting Halford are Bobby Jarzombek (Drums), Ray Riendeau (Bass), Patrick Lachmand (Guitar) and Mike Chlasciak (Guitar) are what make up “Halford”. A skilled line up of metal artists that are hand picked by Rob Halford to create the sound that can only represent the Metal God himself, "Rob Halford".

"Crucible" set to be released on June 25, 2002 by Sanctuary Records with special features to the first 20K copies. Two tracks have been added called "She" and "Fugitive", so you better pre-order your copy.

Returning with vengeance with brand new tracks as "Betrayal", "Wrath of God" and "One Will" are only 3 of the 15 that will be compiled. The hard poundings of drums are prevalent at the beginning of this new masterpiece by Halford. Somewhat sounding like Judas Priest, then you ask why not this is still Rob Halford. Fast paced is what can be said of "Betrayal" with a hard drumbeat and classic heavy metal guitar solos throughout the track. Rob's voice is very fine tuned on all the tracks and with backing masters on guitars and drums.

Keeping much of the old formula from past solo projects, Halford seems to be consistent and keeps it stronger and heavier with each new release. This can be why Rob Halford is the Metal God.

The few cuts of "Crucible" are excellent and will be a valued addition to the Rob Halford Catalog of CD’s.

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