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Dissolve Me By Sean "Revolver" Dawson

Hello lads and lassies

Revolver here ready to break down the walls of musical ignorance and open your eyes to the light of true hard rock!

Music in the 80's was fueled with booze, girls, drugs and heavy metal...lavish was the life of a rock star, big houses, fast cars, fast women, and lots and lots of hair spray (aqua net extra hold)

Arena's of fans packed in with bic lighters in hand ready to bang there heads and flick there bic, while holding on to there or someone else's chick during the cliché love song we all loved. The metal chant songs we screamed out racking our voice leaving us horse the next day, to the lead guitars we all air played along too.

In the 90's music was turned upside down with the advent of an underground fenom music known as grunge. While in my humble opinion most bands such as Nirvana were highly over rated and sucked (I slap anyone I hear say that they (Nirvana) were the voice of my generation in the back of the head.)

Grunge brought great music via Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Foo Fighters. Countless others that come to mind as well.

However we are now in the middle of a crisis like none other there is no decent music out there or is there? The radios are awash with grind core and rap rock and very little talent, singer's just growl or jump around on stage and make no sensible lyrics rhyme. MTV has given way to overrated boarding on X-rated (not that I am complaining about that) reality shows, gone is the music unless you have Mtv2.

Who will be our musical savior our Rock Icons?

Let me introduce to you a band that you have by now no doubt already heard or have heard something about HiPnOsTiC.

Hipnostic is comprised of Blake Hastings lead singer and guitarist. Mickey on bass Dave Michel on drums

Hipnostic's debut release 'Dissolve me', is by no means a freshman release. This group of devoted musicians has easily achieved a fresh new sound capturing the best grooves, and lyrics that inspire, bring you to think, and just trip you out. Drums that drive the music home, Bass that hits you square in the gut leaving you breathless and vocals that bring you to new heights.

This album is groove laden and tonally well layered. The guitars on here are out standing and saturate every corner of the room, they are well supported by the drums and bass and Blake's vocals tying it all up into a very professional tight package. The CD actually has lead guitar YES! And it is not just a 2 or 4 measure melody line to fill in a space (ala blink 182 and various pop punk bands) but it is a well balanced, polished piece of the music, that neither detracts or distracts the listener from the song.

There are just a ton of good songs on here a few that stand out for me is Ritual, Ant Hill, Heels on a Plank, and Constant Ozone. The opening track Ritual you can find it here on the website, it is just one of those songs that grab you, and does not let you go till the end of the song. Ritual is a song that if you are in your car when listening be for warned that you may get pulled over for speeding.

Ant Hill another great song with just a killer vibe and feel to it that just rocks you.... My favorite though has got to be Constant Ozone, fans of Audio Slave will love this song, it is NOT let me say again NOT a Audio rip-off this song is unique, but it has tones and shades that bring to mind Audio Slave.

The last two tracks on here lack the luster and polish and continuity of the CD but separate listening of the tracks I find the two be enjoyable to listen too, they just don't fit the tone and feel of the album.

All in all from the cover art to the music inside I have found this to be a CD that holds up and shines above a lot of the mainstream music that is out there. This is by no means a freshmen product I find this to be somewhere in the category of a sophomore or junior release.

I give this CD a big two thumb up and 4 stars out of 5!

Great job guys look forward to seeing you on the road and hearing the next CD, Hey I got a title for you how about Revolver! Ooh wait that was already used......

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