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Jay-Z Linkin Park

By Mozelle Ellis

Collision Course Jay-Z Linkin Park, Collision Course (2 CD Set) If you have heard it Jay Z is retiring. I wouldn't take it to heart. I thought okay he's reached his peak, and going to jump out of the game at the height of his career. This is one case that need some serious rethinking. Why? This weekend we listened to Linkin Park & Jay-Z "Collision Course"and watched the DVD that comes with the music CD. Oh my God! Peak is not the word. He's on Top of Mount Everest with Linkin Park.. Linkin Park has resurrected a Rap Icon into a new dimension. They Mixed Mash into a infinite marriage. This is no Remix CD. This is something much different. The experience is one to put in the classic collection of any Music Collector. They have elevated the bar of what a collaboration is all about. The DVD shows behind the scenes in the studio. Jay Z speaks more then I have ever heard him talk. Linkin Park challenges the Jay Z with it's fast rock Tempo. Jay Z even comments something to the effect that he is going to have to pull out the young Jay Z. You also get to view & hear Linkin Park & Jay Z perform at "The Roxie". A select crowd of Linkin Park's Fan Club Members are invited to a free concert with a surprise guest performing. The music is Awesome. Rock is not my main genre but I was highly impressed with Linkin Park. Not many Rap Artist can stand next to Jay Z, but Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda are highly talented. Never sounding or trying to be Jay Z. But they have mad rap and vocal skills I must admit. Credits must be given to Guitarist Braf Delson, Bassist Phoenix & Turntablist Joseph Hahn. It just wouldn't be the same without them. Someone give these guys an award. Not for effort, but for the Extraordinary Mind Bending Experience.

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