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Floating Men

By Doug Loge

The Haunting This is the 7th studio release from Nashville legends, The Floating Men. For those of you who have not heard their music before, it's kind of hard to describe. Would I consider them rock-yes…county-yes…southern rock-absolutely not. I could maybe best describe The Floating Men as a mix between the following musicians…Bruce Springsteen/John Melloncamp/Dwight Yokum and David Allen Coe. The Haunting, the Floating Men's newest release, provides the "Floatilla" (floating men fans) with another great album. Lyricist and vocalist/guitarist Jeff Holmes takes the listener through a world of broken dreams, failed relationships and regret. This at first seem very dreary-and it is, but Holmes' powerful lyrics coupled with great music somehow not only take the listener on a scary trip, but drop them off at the front door after the end. For more info, and perhaps a taste of their music, visit their official website floatingmen.com or their great fan website morewisdom.com

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The Floating Men
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