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Jane`s Addiction

By Trent McMartin

Strays Bringing in super rock producer Bob Ezrin (KISS, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper), Jane's Addiction insured that what they were getting in their first studio album in 13 years was a rock record. And that's exactly what they got. "Strays" is the purest rock and roll album Jane's Addiction has ever done. That's not necessarily a bad thing since each member of the band has become better at what they do with age in terms of musicianship. But what's left behind is the rawness of the bands previous albums. Gone is the punk-alternative metal that incorporated touches of jazz and folk and in its place is an overproduced glossy album. The experimentation has been left behind as well. The last half of 1990's Ritual De La Habitual was a masterpiece in indulgence, bombast, and reativity. The band settles for shorter more concise songs that still have some hooks but no sense of danger. Overall, "Strays" is a safe solid record from a band whose legend has grown so much over the years that it was impossible to reach such high expectations. "Strays" would also be the bands swan song since Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, and Chris Chaney would go on to form the new band the Panic Channel in 2004.