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Billy the Kid

By Trent McMartin

The Fight Billy the Kid's debut solo CD, The Fight is quite a departure from the power pop punk rock her and the other members of Billy and the Lost Boys play. The six song EP was released this past February on Lost records and clocks in at just under twenty-five minutes making it a very quick listen.

The first track on the album, "The Accident", is an uplifting power ballad that sounds similar to an Avril Lavigne tune but that's where the Avril comparisons end. The rest of the album is an intimate affair exploring various themes of relationships and human drama. The next song, the title track is sung at a near whisper fully enhanced by Billy's soft and smooth vocals that fit well in an acoustic setting.

The album really starts to get good the last half of the EP, which showcases Billy's talent as a singer, musician and songwriter. "Between the Lines" features only Billy and her acoustic guitar and displays her prowess as a guitar player. The next track "Whodini" may be part biographical especially when she sings "It's not about the money, it's not about the glory, it's about empty clubs at 2:00 am, promoters with the same old story". The album closer "Drive All Night" paints vivid pictures of a man and woman and the regret and pain the both of them are feeling due to the deteriorating nature of their relationship.

Overall, The Fight is a strong debut effort from an artist whose lyrics reflect someone twice her age. Equally uplifting and moving at the same time, The Fight hopefully signals the beginning of a new chapter in Billy the Kid's musical career.

*** 1/2 out of four stars.

Strong Cuts: Whodini, Drive All Night, Between the Lines.

Billy The Kid