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No Doubt

Rock Steady Review by Jenna Robins

When I bought the No Doubt album Rock Steady I had heard Gwen Stefanis new album Love. Angel. Music. Baby and thought it was awesome. So I bought Rock Steady with high expectations. The first time I listened to it I knew this was definitely one of the best albums I have. Gwen Stefani Wrote all the songs on the album with the help of other band members, bass guitarist and keyboard player Tony Kanal, guitar and Keyboard player Tom Dumont and drum player Adrian Young. The album was released in 2001 and is still a popular album 4 years later.

The hit singles on the album are Hella Good, Hey Baby, Underneath It All and Running. Hella Good has a catchy beat and is still played on radio stations and at clubs. Hey Baby also became a popular song making people who didn't no who No Doubt were become fans. The other songs just became as popular.

No Doubt hasn't released anything in the last couple of years and lead vocalist Gwen Stefani has gone and made a VERY successful solo album "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." No Doubt still lives on the website and continually updated and improves, band merchandise is still on sale and at various festivals and relief effort gigs.

So What do you get when you put Gwen Stefani in front of a band that is already awesome? A very successful group and 7 brilliant albums. Personally I think that No Doubt could re-release Rock Steady this year and it would do just as good as it did in 2001 if not better.

If you bought Rock Steady and enjoyed it, try any of there other 6 albums: No Doubt, Beacon St collection, Tradgic Kingdom, Beacon St Collection Re-Release, Return of Saturn, The singles 1993-2003. Or even try the new Gwen Stefani Album Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

No Doubt Rock Steady:

  1. Intro (Rock Steady)
  2. Hella Good
  3. Hey Baby
  4. Making Out
  5. Underneath it all
  6. Detective
  7. Don't Let Me Down
  8. Start the Fire
  9. Running
  10. In My Head
  11. Platinum Blonde Life
  12. Waiting Room
  13. Rock Steady

Star rating: I give this album: 5 out of 5