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Flood Ritual

By Melanie Falina

Set Yourself Free Just when everything you hear on the radio starts to stale - there comes a band that knocks the wind out of you. A band with quality songs, well-honed playing and writing skills, and lyrics and melodies that are not only memorable but contagious. The answer to rock and roll fan's prayers is called Flood Ritual.

Their debut release on Hits Records, Set Yourself Free, is an 11-song collection of contemporary rock tunes, easy first cousins to the likes of Staind yet Flood Ritual offers their own unique style. With Jim Mullin's sultry raspy vocals, Charlie Costa's solid backbeats, Ken Weiss' innovative guitar playing, and Tony Bock's tight bass lines, Flood Ritual is a breath of fresh air in a music industry currently over saturated with poppy-punk, carbon-copy bands. Produced by Chuck Alkazian in Detroit and Mastered by Chris Bellman in Hollywood, the result is a clean, crisp recording and production.

Just a few highlights of the disc include:

"Innocence," a heavy groove strung together with a haunting, albeit strapping, melody, and atypically written bridge that gives me chills every time I hear it.

"Amazing" - a tender ballad but thankfully without the wussy-ness that most songwriters seem to feel is an essential ingredient of love song. "Amazing" is the aural essence of true love.

And "Greed" and "Break Me Down" are both in-your-face rockers riding on pulsating rhythms.

It's rare to find an album where I like every single song, but this is truly one of those gems. And Chicagoans aren't the only ones to have taken notice of these hometown boys making good, after nailing a licensing deal with MTV which features Flood Ritual's music on "The Real World" and "Road Rules," and having been named "Best Rock Band of 2004" at the New York Music Festival, the well-earned acclaim has begun.

CD artwork by Dan Tremonti at Core 12.

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