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Project 44

By Anthony Camastro

The System Doesn't Work ou hear the chaotic screams of terrorized mothers and children running from an unknown terror.  The guitars kick in, and if you're driving your car, your foot slams down on the gas.  You just can't resist driving quickly to this CD.  The nighttime lights zoom past you as your car rattles and vibrates from the black-eye-inducing loops and drums, unbelievably fast guitars, and a voice distorted just enough.  If you didn't know by now, I'm talking about Chicago's local band Project 44, and their album The System Doesn't Work.  Described by them as industrial, metal, and punk, this CD is a great mix of genres.  If you're asking where to get this album, there are two places I have found that supply what you crave so badly.  The first place is the web site www.invisiblerecords.com, home of the band's record label.  The second place is Rolling Stones Records, located on Harlem and Irving Park Road right next to the Harlem and Irving Plaza.  Speed, complexity, rebellion...it's all packed into one small compact disk.  Load the disk into any CD player, turn the volume up, and blow your windows out.

Project 44